Name: Effect of calcium salts of fatty acids on the nutritive value of diets, feeding behavior, and serum blood

Authors: Ludmila Couto Gomes۱ ، Claudete Regina Alcalde۱ ، Ulysses Cecato۱ ،Gracielle Caroline  Mari۱ ،Sérgio Mangano de Almeida Santos۱ ،Jessyka Guedes Mazziero۱ 

Address: ۱Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Departamento em Zootecnia, Maringá, PR, Brazil.

Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine effects of the addition of calcium salts of fatty acids (CSFA) to the concentrate on the intake and digestibility of dry matter and nutrients and the grazing behavior of lactating Saanen goats. Five multiparous goats in their third lactation and four primiparous goats were used. The animals were distributed into two Latin square designs, which, for the multiparous goats was 5 × ۵, with five treatments (0%, 1.5%, 3.0%, 4.5%, and 6.0% CSFA); and for the primiparous goats was 4 × ۴, with four treatments (0%, 1.5%, 3.0%, and 4.5% CSFA). The addition of CSFA to the concentrate of lactating Saanen goats did not influence the time spent grazing, ruminating, or lying for multiparous goats. However, for primiparous goats, for the time spent grazing, there was a negative quadratic effect with the addition of CSFA to the concentrate. The treatments did not affect the intakes of dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, neutral detergent fiber, total carbohydrates, non-fiber carbohydrates, or total digestible nutrients for multiparous goats. No effects were observed on nutrient digestibility, except for crude protein and the ether extract, which increased the energy values of the diets with 3.5% CSFA. For primiparous goats, no effects were observed on intake or digestibility. Addition of CSFA can be used as an alternative to feed primiparous goats in grassland when the grazing time is a factor limiting intake. Addition of up to 3.5% of CSFA increases the energy value of diets for multiparous goats. These results suggest that calcium salts of fatty acids is an alternative energy supplement to feed lactating goats.

Key Words: dairy goats; grazing behavior; n-alkanes; rumen-inert fat; soybean oil; tropical climate

parameters of lactating Saanen goats grazing on stargrass

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